1m DirecTV and Global Satellite TV Antenna

1.09m (42.9 inches) reflector WorldView™ TV system with dedicated support for DIRECTV UHD.

The s100N provides outstanding performance with a 1m reflector and simultaneous DirecTV reception. Intellian’s WorldView™ Trio LNB™, with its triple feed horn, provides simultaneous reception of DIRECTV® satellites: two HD Ka-band (99°W/103°W) satellites and one Ku-band (101°W) satellite. The LNB receives Ku-band TV service around the globe, providing a complete HD entertainment experience at sea.

Key Features

Television wherever you are

The user can select the desired TV programming from the enhanced satellite tracking library of worldwide TV satellites divided in geographical regions. A selection of TV satellites can be listed as favorites for quick access via AptusNTV or the ACU front panel. New TV satellites can easily be added to the library via the AptusNTV dashboard.

Unlimited azimuth range

With Intellian’s unique rotary joint and slip ring solution, those onboard will enjoy uninterrupted TV services no matter the number of turns the vessel makes. The solution eliminates the wait for the antenna to unwrap the cable once its length is reached. Never again miss a goal or touchdown of your favorite team.

Redesigned Quattro WLNB

The new WLNB has a dedicated output for satellite tracking on all polarizations and (hi and low) frequency bands. The new satellite tracking tuner supports the latest DVB-S2X broadcast standard already being utilized by emerging satellite TV providers. The superior design of the s100N antenna ensures that performance and flexibility are increased with its Ku-Ka-band tuned radome and reflector.

Matching dome solution

The new s-Series antennas are fitted with radomes that match our NX Satellite Communication antennas for onboard aesthetics.

New NX-based antenna design

The pedestal, motor/encoder and modular antenna control are based on the reliable NX (VSAT) platform. While the software is identical, majority of the hardware on the new TVRO t-s and s-series is spare parts are interchangeable as well. Sharing common modules across Intellian’s new TVRO series, greatly reduces the number of spare parts required.


AptusNTV is the new intuitive dashboard for the new TVRO t- and s-series. The enhanced satellite tracking library and the 7-step installation wizard makes the antenna easy-to-install, configure and operate. The ACU has the option for Wi-Fi access to configure and operate the antenna from a PC,
tablet or smartphone.

Radome Dimension

138 cm x 145.8 cm (54.3" x 57.4")

Reflector Diameter

109cm (42.9")

Antenna Weight

105 kg (231.5 lbs)


Ku-band: 42 dBW / Ka-band: 45 dBW

Elevation Range

-15˚ to +115˚


Ku-band: Linear and Circular / Ka-band: CIrcular

Auto Skew


WorldView Capable


New Dual TVRO Mediator
New Dual TVRO Mediator

The New Dual TVRO Mediators mitigate blockage in a dual satellite TV system, automatically switching between antennas.

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Matching Radome
Matching Radome

Matching radomes are used to maintain a symmetrical look onboard.

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