Global satellite TV antenna system

1m Reflector Ku-band global satellite TV system

The t100N provides outstanding performance with a 1m reflector with the added benefits of all new hardware and pedestal based on our quality-proven VSAT NX terminals. Modular components are used throughout the new t-Series range, such as the main control unit and skew assembly. Sharing common modules across Intellian’s new t-Series antenna reduces the number of spare parts required.

Key Features

Matching dome solution 

Matching dome solution for the highly popular 1m-class VSAT antenna family 

Television everywhere

WorldView™ LNB module will automatically switch to the corresponding Ku-band local frequency and receive the signal without the need to switch the LNB.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Wi-Fi function enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected. Any kind of wireless devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones can be used to connect to the ACU to manage and control the antenna system.  

New AptusNTV

Intellian’s all new integrated M&C platform AptusNTV provides responsive web user interface. The simple seven-step installation wizard function configures the antenna system automatically for easier installation and operation.

Picture Perfect 

  • Ideal for larger yachts, luxury vessels and wherever symmetry and aesthetics are important on board
  • A complementary system for the Intellian 1m VSAT antennas
  • Matching TV and NX radomes 

Fully integrated solution 

  • With its Wi-Fi enabled ACU, users can connect wirelessly to the antenna using AptusNTV.
  • AptusNTV offers users instant diagnostics, performance logging functions, and one touch updates of firmware and the satellite library 
  • Programmable WorldView™ Ku-band LNB
  • DVB-S2 Digital TV receptions

Radome Dimension

138 cm x 145.8 cm (54.33" x 57.4")

Reflector Diameter

105cm (41.3")

Antenna Weight

93.0 kg (205 lbs)


41.5 dBW

Elevation Range

-15° to +110°


Linear & Circular

Auto Skew


WorldView Capable


New Dual TVRO Mediator
New Dual TVRO Mediator

The New Dual TVRO Mediators mitigate blockage in a dual satellite TV system, automatically switching between antennas.

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Intellian Multi Satellite Interface Module (MIM)
Intellian Multi Satellite Interface Module (MIM)

The Intellian MIM enables auto switching of satellites when using Dish or Bell TV in North America.

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