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Marlink and Intellian Technologies sign new five-year strategic partnership agreement

14 November 2023

Marlink and Intellian Technologies sign new five-year strategic partnership agreement

Intellian will continue to supply Marlink end users with hybrid connectivity terminals

PARIS, FRANCE. – 14, NOVEMBER, 2023 - Intellian Technologies, a leading global provider of multi-constellation, satellite user terminals and communications solutions, and Marlink, the network and digital solutions company, today announce the renewal of their existing strategic partnership. 

This agreement will continue to support the connectivity landscape across maritime, land and military sectors, delivering cutting-edge network solutions over the next five years. 

Marlink has long been recognised for its pioneering role in the satellite communications industry as an early adopter of new technologies to benefit Marlinks diverse customer base. 

With a strong commitment to quality and technological innovation, Marlink has built an exceptional reputation as a leading service partner of fully managed end-to-end smart hybrid network solutions worldwide. 

Marlink’s selection of Intellian Technologies reinforces the value and strength of their partnership across maritime, land and military applications. 

Intellian is known across the industry for its strong focus on innovation, with a full maritime and land product portfolio including multi-orbit, multi-band systems.  Intellian’s ongoing development of NGSO flat panel and parabolic user terminals, includes solutions designed to operate across fixed enterprise, land mobility, maritime, government and defence sectors. Intellian's partnership with Marlink is poised to bolster both companies, enhancing their agility and robustness in the satellite communications market. 

The signing of the five-year contract renewal took place at Marlink’s headquarters in Paris. This defining agreement was signed with the option for renewal for an additional five years. Since their initial engagement in 2010, the partnership has evolved significantly, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of both companies to adapt to emerging technologies and market demands. 

With its extensive portfolio of over 50 products, Intellian Technologies is well-positioned to meet Marlink's diverse customer requirements across its various market segments. The partnership will include joint product development for hybrid connectivity across GEO, MEO and LEO networks. By combining Marlink's expertise in providing comprehensive solutions across many market segments with Intellian's ability to develop scalable technology, this partnership will deliver unparalleled value and flexibility for their customers.

“This strategic partnership signifies the strength of the partnership between Marlink and Intellian,” said Erik Ceuppens, CEO of the Marlink Group. ”By extending and redefining this collaboration, Marlink is able to provide best-in-class hybrid network solutions for our customers globally. Our companies’ shared vision, agility and focus on innovative products make this agreement an exciting prospect for the maritime industry.”

Eric Sung, President and CEO of Intellian Technologies Inc., said: "Intellian is thrilled to reaffirm our longstanding partnership and take our collaboration to the next level with Marlink. “Over the last 12 years, our companies have worked closely together to achieve remarkable success and innovation. Intellian and Marlink are ready to tackle new and exciting opportunities presented by emerging technologies, combining our expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions that will shape the future of maritime, land and government connectivity.”

The Marlink-Intellian partnership reflects a forward-thinking approach that embraces the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving industry. As the maritime and enterprise landscapes continues to transform, this alliance is poised to lead the way, offering comprehensive solutions, driving technology advancements and ensuring customer satisfaction.


About Intellian Technologies, Inc. Intellian is driven by a passion for innovation and an agile responsiveness to customer needs. As the crucial link between satellite networks and millions of people on Earth, Intellian’s leading technology and antennas empower global connectivity across oceans and continents, organizations and communities. Strategic thinking, an obsession with quality and a proven ability to deliver enables Intellian to invent for the future, creating mutual success for partners and customers as the world’s connectivity needs evolve. For more information, follow @intellian and visit Intellian Technologies Inc. is listed on the Korean Stock Exchange, KOSDAQ (189300:KS)

About Marlink
Marlink is the trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid network and unrivalled digital solutions, that connects people and assets around the globe and in all markets where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is unavailable. Marlink’s hybrid network combines global satcom and terrestrial technologies via a proprietary global infrastructure. XChange, Marlink’s integrated management platform, orchestrates and optimises all network elements and applications, from data processing and IT to application-based routing (SD-Wan), cloud access and digital solutions, including remote data and IT, cyber security as well as IoT/OT solutions. This gives customers complete “peace of mind” that their chosen network solution is fully optimised, integrated and has the security required to operate more profitably and sustainably, increasing their efficiency and security through operational optimisation, tracking, routing, monitoring and reporting. Marlink's Smart Network Solutions are delivered as managed services to the highest quality standards and service level agreements. The company proactively monitors and supports network solutions, providing alerts, reporting and insight into the performance and usage of connectivity, systems and applications, as well as advice and consultancy on how to further optimise customers' networks.

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