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The recognized leader in satellite communications, Intellian is a trusted business partner and provider of worldwide connectivity solutions with a portfolio of VSAT, LEO, L-band, flat panel and satellite TV systems.

Intellian is driven by a passion for innovation and an agile responsiveness to customer needs. As the crucial link between satellite networks and millions of people on Earth, Intellian’s leading technology and antennas empower global connectivity across oceans and continents, organizations and communities. Strategic thinking, an obsession with quality and a proven ability to deliver enables Intellian to invent for the future. 


Hybrid Connectivity

As the leading manufacturer across satellite communications, Intellian is the ideal partner for hybrid connectivity. Intellian has the biggest range of products across multiple bands and orbits from a single technology partner.

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Campus 2

The new 20,575sqm campus gives Intellian unparalleled product availability for maritime, land and government markets. It contains new state-of-the-art production lines for phased array flat panel antennas. Other bespoke facilities include dedicated production lines for LEO user terminals, L-band terminals and ground antenna systems for LEO and MEO networks. To meet the sustained growth in maritime, production of VSAT solutions has increased fivefold.

The $32 million dollar campus is testament to Intellian’s sustained commitment to their customers and long-term strategy. Strategic partnerships with key network operators and specialist distribution partners, has contributed to the success of Intellian’s indirect route to market.

Intellian continually invests 15% of its annual revenue into research and development to ensure they remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


Products in development


Satellite Safety Display Terminal (SDT)

Intellian and Inmarsat sign agreement for development of next generation Maritime Safety Terminal - read more here

Intellian and Iridium enhance safety at sea with Global Maritime Distress and Safety System - read more here


  • Next generation satellite GMDSS solution when combined with Intellian’s L-band Terminals
  • Ergonomic design with high contrast 7” color LCD touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dedicated handset for safety voice service
  • Complies with all IMO SOLAS GMDSS requirements
  • Receives and manages Maritime Safety Information (MSI)
  • Supports Ship’s Security Alert System (SSAS) and Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT)
  • LAN (RJ45) connection to L-band terminal
  • Support for optional (GMDSS) printer and keyboard
  • Supports integration with bridge alert management (BAM) system and bridge navigation on LAN and serial networks


Technology Leadership

State-of-the-art RF component design and cutting edge antenna technology

Multi-orbit and Tri-band Capable

Intellian’s innovative antennas, with unique frequency-agnostic and orbit-agnostic capabilities, enables switching between different satellite frequency bands on virtually any satellite network. This provides a tri-band, multi-orbit, high-speed network experience with the fastest and most reliable broadband connectivity.

Intellian’s auto-switching tri-band RF module enables the ability to operate with commercial C-, Ku- and Ka-band services through a single main reflector.

Hybrid GEO and MEO Operation

Our flagship v240MT is capable of operating on commercial C, Ku and Ka-band GEO or MEO satellites. Multiple antennas can be deployed on a single vessel and will work in harmony with multiple satellite modems to provide continuous and seamless connectivity utilizing different satellite constellations and frequency bands.

By optimally combining multiple frequencies and orbits, we are able to provide a variety of hybrid services such as MEO only, GEO only, MEO/GEO connectivity with LEO supported, based on operational needs or a vessel's operating location.

Core Technologies

Leading RF and antenna design

Intellian uses state-of-the art technology to design satcom antennas and RF components for L, C, Ku, Ka, X-bands.  Intellian has set a new level for antenna design and manufacture of multi-band, tri-band, Ka-band satellite antennas along with leading critical RF component design, radome, antenna controllers, BUC and transceiver manufacturing.

LEO/MEO Technology

Intellian is prepared for the challenge of providing terminals proven to operate among different LEO/MEO satellites with no change of hardware. Other than the renowned v240MT capable of working with a concurrent mix of GEOs and MEOs, our NX terminals have also been demonstrated with LEO/MEO operators for achieving a link throughput in excess of 700Mbps/500Mbps.

Multi-band, Multi-Antenna Management Solution 

As the number of LEO and MEO satellite systems increased, antenna installation and setup become more complicated and management points increase. The antenna management solution, Orchestra, is the perfect integrated solution. The Media Edge Servers, MES, is the shipboard antenna management solution which provides intelligent mediation.

Active Electronically Scanned Arrays

Intellian’s active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) are a core component of the Flat Panel Series. Based on a proprietary antenna element design and custom vector-amplifier phased array chipset, the array is able to precisely control the antenna beams by electronically varying phase and amplitude parameters.

Our proprietary array design and software algorithms enable the delivery of the most efficient, highest performing and cost-effective flat panels available in the market.

Software Technology

Intellian has developed sophisticated but user-friendly software solutions to exploit all the benefits of our high-performance antennas hardware. In addition to providing an easy-to-use friendly user experience for the configuration of antennas, the conglomerate software platform will also enable all installed antennas to be configured, monitored, and diagnosed remotely.