Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Intellian is an organization committed to act in an ethical manner to contribute in operation and interaction with our stakeholders including employees, suppliers, business partners, and investors.

ESG Highlight

ESG Operational Structure

Intellian oversees the management and monitoring of ESG-related risks and performance at the Board of Directors. Under the CFO, key departments communicate and internalize strategic objectives. The department report their objectives, plans, and achievements to the Board annually.

ESG Value

Intellian aims to enhance sustainable business competitiveness by identifying the impacts of sustainability issues through global standards, evaluations, and industry analysis. The company selects and prioritizes key issues to manage from an ESG perspective and establishes management plans accordingly.



Climate Change Adaptation

In 2023, following the establishment of inventories for Scopes 1 and 2, Intellian Tech completed the inventory for Scope 3 in July and established greenhouse gas reduction strategies. The company plans to introduce renewable energy and shift corporate vehicles to electric, targeting a 42% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050 compared to 2023.


Environmental Management

Intellian has established environmental management policies and systems based on ISO 14001 and integrated them throughout the production process by implementing a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) based quality/environmental management system. This ensures continuous environmental management across all stages of production.




At Intellian Tech, we prioritize quality as our primary means of communicating with customers. Our goal is to deliver exceptional products, promptly address customer needs, and ensure global accessibility to Intellian Tech's technology. We've implemented a thorough quality management and technical service system throughout our organization.



Intellian operates various programs for employees, based on the nine Principles of Human Rights to acknowledge the and create a positive working culture. Our passionate and visionary employees keep growing and participate in voluntary social activities through clubs to contribute to a better world.



Intellian promotes sustainability with partners through a supply chain management system and ethical code agreements. We ensure fair evaluations and foster collaboration in product development.




Intellian adheres to internal and external rules and regulations, operating its board of directors accordingly. The board is dedicated to making responsible and ethical decisions, ensuring the protection of the interests of small shareholders as the company grows.

Workplace Safety

Intellian has a Health and Safety system to prevent accidents. We train all employees on 'Intellian Emergency Response' to ensure everyone knows what to do. This helps the company aim for zero accidents, and in 2023, we achieved a safety record with no industrial accidents.

Compliance Management

Intellian recognizes the importance of ethical and legal compliance and declared ethical management in October 2022 to implement global best ethical standards. Conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner, fulfilling social responsibilities, and fostering a healthy organizational culture are fundamental values for Intellian.


Information Security

Intellian has established a secure and reliable information security system, operating with systematic management processes.
Recognizing the significance of technical security, in addition to information security policies, we have a separate policy for employee information security to enhance awareness and prevent security incidents caused by human factors.

information security

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Intellian has been publishing a Sustainability Report since 2024 to transparently provide stakeholders with information on the business's economic, social, and environmental impacts.